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Gone with the Wind Lamp

Gone with the Wind Lamp Gone with the Wind Martin Methodist College Milky Way Farm Pulaski Tennessee Sam Davis Small Town Small Town Antiques

Gone with the Wind Lamps are beautiful!  
I first saw this one in  the small town of Pulaski, which is located in Giles County, Tennessee.  This town is rich in history.  Pulaski was founded in 1809.  The vicinity of Pulaski was the site of a number of skirmishes during the Franklin–Nashville Campaign of the Civil War. In 1863, Confederate courier Sam Davis was hanged in Pulaski by the Union Army on suspicion of espionage.

Martin Methodist College was founded in Pulaski in 1870.  Frank Mars, founder of Mars Candy Company lived on the lovely Milky Way Farm and raised quite successful race horses.  

In 2012, the population of Pulaski was around 7,700.  This history rich small town is easy to get to since it is located not far off of Interstate 65.  What a great small town to visit!! Small Town Antiques visits this town frequently and finds treasures there often.

We all have some treasures that we would never be able to part with and this is one of mine.  I share this with you to give you some insight into me.  Can't wait to hear from you as you visit Small Town Antiques!


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