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Parsley, Sage and Thyme - Found in Centerville, TN

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Parsley, Sage and Thyme (Tom Clark gnome) sold!  We’re going to miss this fun piece at Small Town Antiques.  I found them when purchasing several lots of Tom Clark’s Cairn Studio creations from Silver Lace Auctions. 

I accidentally found the online auction one day while searching for estate sales when I was just beginning to develop the idea of Small Town Antiques.  So let me tell you a little about Centerville, TN. It’s a lovely small town in rural Tennessee.  It’s perfectly located near Interstate 40 and not too terribly far from Nashville, TN.  So one can get there easily and also visit the larger Nashville without lots of additional travel time.

In 2010 the census reported the population of Centerville to be 3644.  Just a few weeks ago, the annual Banana Pudding Festival was held.  This delicious local festival brings in folks from all around and there’s lots of fun to be had—as well as lots of interesting people to meet.  All while sampling tasty treats.

One of the most famous people claiming Centerville as their hometown was Sarah Cannon, better known as Minnie Pearl.  She truly was a Tennessee Treasure.  She entertained many and was generous to her community. 

This Small Town has local restaurants, local shops (a great freestanding Hallmark Store) and some flea market stores that would be fun to dig through if you are into looking for treasures.  I know that I will certainly go back for a visit some time and hope to find more Tom Clark gnomes.  I love the friendly atmosphere of this small town!


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