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Small Town Antiques: Let's Explore

Vintage Glassware; A Challenge to Identify

Button and Cane design Federal Glass federal glass Windsor clear identify glassware pressed glass

There are so very many patterns, colors and descriptions to sift through when you come across a piece of vintage glass.  There is pressed glass versus cut glass.  The internet offers a lot of options in research but books with pictures offer me the most help.  Of course, photos on the internet are also a great resource. I have also asked for assistance from collector groups.  There are some very knowledgeable individuals out there who are incredibly generous in sharing their findings. The photo here is of Federal Glass, Windsor Clear.  The description is Button and Cane design, pressed, clear....

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Fall in Tennessee equals Community Yard Sales

Elgin AL Fall in Tennessee Highway 101 Highway 20 Hohenwald TN Loretto Oktoberfest

Last weekend brought the annual Highway 101 yard sale.  At least 30 miles stretching from Loretto, TN south past Elgin, Al.  Countless people selling their wares.  We made many stops and found some vintage treasures. This weekend, Oktoberfest is celebrated in both Loretto, TN and Hohenwald, TN.  The three day festival in Hohenwald is one that locals and out of towners alike look forward to since there a multitude of people selling items for 20 miles along Highway 20 between Summertown, TN and Hohenwald.  It is easy to get lost in yesteryear, while making multiple stops along the route.  While...

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Coke or Pepsi; Which is Your Favorite?

Coke Favorite Pepsi Vote

Some folks like Coke, some like Pepsi.  It's just a taste preference.  Well these glasses give a visual preference.  They are both large glasses.  One is colorful and the other substitutes etching.  Both are fun and both are collectible.  So what is your favorite?  Coke or Pepsi?  Respond and give your vote.  I will add an update after your votes come in.

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Griswold Cast Iron Griddle

Cast Iron griddle Griswold Sarasota

There are lots of us who love cast iron.  It's virtually indestructible.      The ease offered by Teflon might have had a small impact years ago, but many cooks (myself included) still love cast iron cookware.  The even distribution of heat just gets a better response form many foods.     I love over this old piece that I found yesterday.  It's a Griswold cast iron griddle.  It is a marked piece with the number 109 along with the Griswald insignia and Erie, Pennsylvania.  You never know what you will find when visiting yard sales.  I met some friendly...

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Minor Hill, Tn

AJs Antiques Depression Glass Highway 11 Minor Hill Minor Hill TN Oil Lamps Rolling Stone magazine Wagon Wheels

So how many of you have visited Minor Hill, TN?  Better yet, have you heard of Minor Hill, TN?  It's a beautiful small community in rural Tennessee and not too far from Huntsville, Al.  Tennessee state Highway 11 travels through this small town.  So in April when my daughter and I were on a journey we found AJs Antiques. Well of course we had to stop and browse.  Plan to stay a while, if you make this journey.  There is everything from antique furnishings to wagon wheels....and lots of it! If you have a passion for oil lamps, there are...

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