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Edison - Tom Clark Gnome

$ 26.00

EDISON is a Tom Clark Gnome created in 1987.  This one is numbered 23.  This collectible gnome is a retired item.  He is about 6 1/2 inches tall.  "Edison" like all Tom Clark's gnomes, is highly detailed, has an irresistible expression and would make a nice addition to your collection.  Used item.

 The Story

 Edison is an electrician named for Thomas A. Edison. On the base is a coin commemorating the invention of the lightbulb in 1879. This Woodspirit has a light in his hat, so he must be bright! Judging by his belt, he's also a live wire. Edison knows how to pull your chain to light up your life. He had a nutty idea—he made flashlights out of acorns and wire connectors for the other Woodspirits, so they'd never be left in the dark. He also has a plug to give to his friend Franklin, whose namesake Ben Franklin is the father of electricity. Edison is in the same trade union as Locke and Noah. Edison thought this would be an easy way to make a living— he had to have a screw loose to think that.



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