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Bunny Slope -Tom Clark Gnome

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Bunny Slope -- Tom Clark Gnome

This is a Cairn Creation by both Tom Clark and Tim Wolfe

Number is 73.  Retired gnome.

Great Condition to be created in 1997.  Used item.

Isn’t it amazing that the entire world can change without making a sound?  This little bunny and Woodspirit were tucked up into their beds and fast asleep when the snow started to fall late last night.  But fall it did – steadily and silently, until the whole forest was magically transformed into a white, fluffy, frosty play-ground.  The awoke to hear their three favorite words: “No school today!”  In no time at all these kindred spirits were pulling the sled to the top of a knuckle-clenching, gut-wrenching monster of a hill.  Well, it’s actually just the bunny slope, the beginner’s hill.  Tom Clark and Timothy Wolfe decorated the front of their sled with “1997” for, like their friends from “Cairn Christmas 1996,” they are headed for the  holidays and the new year.  The subway token reads “1 Fare” – their little sled can really hold only one daredevil at a time.  But on the next trip down, some bunny’s going to have some fun!

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