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Blackie - Tom Clark Gnome

$ 36.00

Blackie - Tom Clark Gnome from Cairn Studios.

The number for this piece is 67, dated 1988, mold number 2025.  

This Gnome is retired.  He measures 8-3/4" tall and 6-1/2" in diameter.

Used item.


The Story

This one is "Blackie". This Woodspirit lives on Rattlesnake

Mountain. He is known as Blackie because he gets all of his

firewood and acorns from the black oak tree that grows on 

the highest point of Rattlesnake Mountain(approximately 4000  

feet). Because the hawks like to circle this mountain, he has  

camouflaged his visible red hat with a black oak leaf, but was  

still spotted by two small snails who are hitching a ride in  

his basket. The coin from Romania shows a farmer planting, with 

the sun rising over the mountains. Blackie loves this tree so  

much that he is on his way to the foot of the mountain to plant  

its offspring. He is happy to give the snails a ride--he knows  

that otherwise they would not make it to the valley below before  

the first snowfall. 

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