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Parsley, Sage and Thyme - Tom Clark Gnome

$ 36.00

Parsley, Sage and Thyme

Item from Cairn Studios.  This lovely work from Tom Clark depicts Parsley sitting under a large mushroom.  Thyme is peeking around the stem about to sneak up on Parsley.  Sage is perched on top with the best view of all.  Tom Clark Creations have such character and one can feel the mischievous personalities of the gnomes!

 This piece was created in 1983.  It became a retired item in 1990.  It measures approximately 11.5" high and the base is roughly 8".  These are numbered items with this one being number 67.  Look closely if you want to begin collecting or if you want to add to your established collection.  These are difficult to find. 

 This figure has no chips or cracks.  There is a tiny bit of dust in the crevices.

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