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E. S. Lowe Pocket Size Bingo

$ 8.50

Vintage 1942 Lowe’s pocket-sized BINGO game set in portable carrying storage case, from Bookshelf of Games Series, Vol. 522. Set appears complete. There are over one hundred fifty (150) markers. They are mostly red but there are other markers as shown in the photo.

The original snap-closure bookshelf storage carrying case, which is designed to resemble a book that can be stored on a bookshelf, with a binding that reads "BINGO Vol. 522 E. S. Lowe".

Inside the cover is the the original spinner, the original Master Board, ten (10) heavyweight BINGO playing cards,and the markers.

There are instructions for playing the game printed on the back of the Master Board.

There is a printed copyright date of 1942.

The storage case appears to be some kind of fabric over cardboard.

Black storage case measures 6"H x 5 1/4"W x 1 1/4" Thick

The storage case shows some wear as you would expect with something this old. The snap closure fastens securely, but I don't snap it because of the age of the cover.

The spinner is completely intact. There are is a discolored place on one corner of the gold board to which the spinner is attached. The metal spinner does have some rust discoloration.

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